reality ends here
reality ends here

For the first season of Reality Ends Here, a creative collaboration game designed for underclassmen at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, I created many of the game’s tangible artifacts, including flags that marked important places for the players, awards for the game’s winners, and leather bracelets to reward them for making it to the end of the campaign.

Flags were double sided, hand-stencilled onto handmade flag blanks.

Two tone medals for each of the game’s twelve winners were molded and cast by hand using a cold cast metal method in gold, bronze, and silver.

I turned the game’s logo into a multi-level sculptural piece, with a medallion in the center indicating the type of award.  Each one was unique.  Because durability was important, I incorporated the cold cast piece into a traditional metal setting.  Medals were presented on black and white ribbons, following the black and white color scheme seen throughout the game’s sites and official materials.

The bracelets were laser engraved onto oil tanned leather stock, then cut and finished by hand.  The bracelet serves two purposes: as a memento of the game, and as an identity mark, like a class ring, by which former players could recognize each other.

Because Reality was designed as a discoverable, almost secret game, we wanted the identifying mark to be subtle, and we wanted the item to be wearable for both genders and fit almost any style of dress.  I went with a bold design in dark colors that featured the game’s logo and title.  The etching appears light on a dark background, or dark on a light background, depending on how the light hits the leather.

The enigmatic phrase prompts viewers to wonder about the bracelet’s story, while the logo is instantly recognizable.  Durability was also important in creating these items.  The clients wanted something that students would be able to wear every day and keep for a lifetime.

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